Innovation : ChatGPT in Design Thinking

Par Vishnu Priyan

What is design thinking ?

Design thinking is a human-centered approach that focuses on problem-solving and creating innovative solutions to complex challenges. This process involves empathizing with users, defining the problem, ideating possible solutions, prototyping, and testing.

What is ChatGPT?

As an innovation product manager focused on developing tech platforms for my clients, i wanted to share my personal experience in using the different NLP models especially GPT-3/ChatGPT over the past few months and provide you some concrete examples of prompt building in the different stages of the design thinking process.


The first stage of design thinking is empathizing with the user. This involves understanding the user’s needs, behaviours, and emotions. I personally use ChatGPT in this stage to provide a platform for designers to share and elaborate their observations. ChatGPT can be used to share and elaborate user personas, which are fictional representations of the ideal user. These personas help us to understand the user’s motivations and goals.

User Persona Creation

Journey Mapping


In the ideate stage, I brainstorm and generate a large number of ideas. ChatGPT assists by providing additional information and inspiration from a vast database of knowledge. It helps me answer questions, provide examples, and suggest resources related to the specific challenge the team is working on. For example, I also use the AI model to provide me with a variety of creative prompts and techniques to help think outside the box and generate new ideas.


Design Feedback

write a summary of problems / Create a detailed journey map
Create an elaborate persona mapping forJohn / What the key challenge for John
Define 5 key functionalities of a mobile app / Write 10 questions for a survey

I was genuinely surprised that it made me empathize more with my users by providing me valuable insights and new perspectives of my users which I would not have gained before.

Vishnu Priyan
Innovation Product Manager | AI Prompt Engineer
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Vishnu Priyan
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